besides the solo project VAVABOND, Wei Wei also collaborates with other musicians in several bands.



VaguseNerve is a psychedelic noise duo formed by Li Jianhong (Guitar) and VAVABOND (Laptop, Synthesizers) in 2006. Now it has 2 more members: Wang Ziheng (Sax) and Josh Feola (Drum).

Releases: Lo Pan, Go Back to Sirus


Mind Fiber



Mind Fiber is an improvisation music duo formed in 2009 concentrating on environment improvisation, a new style developed by them under the genre of free improvisation. Its core members include Li Jianhong (guitar) and VAVABOND (laptop). Musicians and artists of various fields are sometimes invited to join in for certain projects.

Releases: Hello Balcony (2CD), One Year (2CD)