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  • 2015-10 BEME 4, w/ Soviet Pop, Bob Ostertag
  • 2015-05 Pixels Echo – 6, w/ Hong Qile, Mao Wengweng, INK.
  •  2015-04 Miji Festival + Multipal Tap Festival
    Musicians: Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixer), Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar), Katsuyoshi Kou (guitar), Ko Ishikawa(japanese shō), Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan) (guitar & electronics), JUNKO (Hijokaidan) (voice), Liu Xinyu (no-input mixer), Soviet Pop (analogue synth & elecronics), Yan Yulong (violin), Yu Yiyi (pedals),VAVABOND (laptop), Mongolian Impro Committee
    Venue: Meridian space Beijing (C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing)


  •  2015-03-22 LOOP Beijing
    Part of JUE Festival. A party on a bus running from Andingmen to Wuluju.
  • 2014-09 Project: No-brain Improvisation – series performances on Zooming Night
    XP Club, Beijing
    No-Brain Improvisation – A Tribute to Dogura Magura
    “Brain is not the place where thinking comes out.” In the Japanese novel Dogura Magura, the doctor proclaimed. “Brain is a protein without nerve or sense.” “Our spirit or living consciousness rest on each corner of our body.” “All our desires, emotions, wills, memories, judgments, faith, etc, equally scattered in each of our 30 million cells.”
    No-brain Improvisation is an attempt to practice and prove what was told in Dogura Magura.
    Rules: DO NOT use the brain during creation and performance — try to abandon all the concepts, aesthetics, logic, thinking, judgments and decisions about sounds that are “ordered” by the brain. Let body and instinct do the job. Keep absent-minded, or falling in a daze or asleep all help liberate body from brain’s control. So all the performances of this project are set as the last one on each Zooming Night of September, when everybody is exhausted and absent-minded, both the performers and the audience.
    Guest Musicians:
    Sept 16th: Adam MacGregor
    Sept 30th: Liu Xinyu (Guitar)


  • 2014-04 Zbigniew Karkowski Tribute concert@School Bar, Beijing
    A night for commemorating the life and work of Zbigniew Karkowski, one of the most important avant-garde composers of the late 20th/early 21st century. Karkowski was born in 1958 in Krakow. He studied modern composition at progressive institutions in Sweden and the Netherlands, becoming a pioneer in the emerging field of electroacoustic and computer music. He spent the final years of his life in Japan, and during that time made several trips to China, influencing like-minded experimental musicians in Beijing.


  • 2013-12 Solo concert: Lost Control@Zajia, Beijing
    Frankly speaking, since I fell asleep during a collaborative performance last winter, I found out that the best condition for me to make music is on the edge of falling asleep, when I gradually lose the so-called “power of control”, when I don’t have the energy to care about the laptop, when I don’t mind whether the sounds are “correct” or who is listening. When I “fall asleep”, I begin to see the “colors”, “faces” and “symbols” of sounds, which are meaningless and useless for sounds’ existence in reality but are attractive as dreams and drugs.
    In the vacuum of mind, what is it that makes “me” sound? Who is it that is really “performing”? My discussion is not restricted on those. Technically speaking, “I” lost my control the both interface – human and laptop: “my” mind stops working and something unknown is controlling “my” control on the laptop. It is a middle ground between “dream” and “reality”, a ubiquitous embarrassing condition. Performance without control and sounds that were made without control blur the boarder of “dream” and “reality” and break a pass between them.
    I’ve tested several times recording in this way. I know it will be an adventure for me and also the audience to make a performance in this way. I am an office lady who lead a 9 to 5 life. Midnight is the time I will be super sleepy. It is quite possible that I really fall asleep during the gig but it will be find if you fall asleep too.When you get sleepy, do you go to sleep?
    Or do you lie awake?
    – John Cage


  • 2013-05 Upcoming Warning with butoh dancer Beio, @Penghao Theater, Beijing
  • 2013-01 Miji Festival@2 Kolegas, Beijing
  • 2012-11 Data wave@Zajia, Beijing
  • 2012-09 1BEAT Program in U.S, touring around the east coast line including Orlando, S, Washington D.C. and New York
  • 2012-01 河端一+Dj Urine Asia Tour, Beijing Station@Raying Temple, 2Kolegas, Beijing
  • 2011-12 JNBY@MinSheng Museum, Shanghai
  • 2011-12 Zayin-electonics hacking@Zajia, Beijing
  • 2011-09 Chu Shen@D22, Beijing
  • 2011-08 Mid-August Online Improvisation@Shanlab, Beijing
  • 2011-04 Collective Intelligence@Hangzhou
  • 2011-03 Rmember_Move Subtleness@Vision Book café, Hong Kong and Blue Frog, Macau
  • 2011-01 Fine Tuning@Homeshop, Beijing
  • 2010-12 Fear Pollutes Noise@Raying Temple, Beijing
  • 2010-09 Brainwave Communication Lives@2Kolegas, Beijing
  • 2010-09 Qingdao Golden Beach Music Festival, Qingdao
  • 2010-08 Zhangda Winter Fashion Show, Beijing
  • 2010-07 My Sound Taste@UCCA, Beijing
  • 2010-07 MiniMidi@Changsha, Changsha
  • 2010-07 长沙现场艺术节-“月湖发生”, Changsha
  • 2010-07 MiniMidi@Wuhan
  • 2010-07 Manufacturas-Studio, Wuhan
  • 2010-06 Sub Jam Concert 6@UCCA, Beijing
  • 2010-03 Sally Can’t Dance Festival, Beijing
  • 2009-08 Waterland Kwanyin:Inter-face, Beijing
  • 2009-09 Avant-Garde Music Live (王长存,李剑鸿, Zbigniew Karkowsk), Hangzhou
  • 2009-09 RESO Special Concert, Shanghai
  • 2009-05 NoishanghaiXXVIII, Shanghai
  • 2009-03 Sally Can’t Dance Festival, Beijing
  • 2008-11 2pi Festival, Hangzhou
  • 2008-10 10 and Their Friends@Mao, Beijing
  • 2008-10 Waterland Kwanyin:Li Jianhong2X2, Beijing
  • 2008-07 Shanghai eArt Festival, Shanghai
  • 2008-06 Noise Female@Videotage, Hong Kong
  • 2008-05 MINI MIDI, Beijing
  • 2008-03 Sally Can’t Dance Festival, Beijing
  • 2008-02 G-Imagineering Along Desire Line, Hong Kong
  • 2008-01 NoishanghaiXIII, Shanghai
  • 2007-11 2pi Festival, Hangzhou
  • 2007-07 Get It Louder, Shanghai
  • 2007-04 NoishanghaiVIII+, Shanghai
  • 2006-07 2pi Records Chushen Tour 2, Chengdu, Chongqing